This test on 1960sCatholicism is adapted with permission from that devised by Albert Solomon, published in America, June 1986.

The current of change in the Church since the Second Vatican Council has run deeply with many Australian Catholics. Let there be no identity crisis. So take this all-generational test to leave you in no doubt as to what kind of Catholic you are. It does not matter if you are not a Catholic. It will be a good empathetic exercise for you! The test will inevitably say a lot about the kind of Church you think you are in.


Write your answers (A, B, C, or D etc) on a sheet of paper; you will add up your own scores according to the code shown at the bottom of the test. You will also be given directions as to how to interpret the meaning of your score.

1. My favourite pope is

A.     Pope Pius XII
B.     Pope John Paul II
C.     Pope Paul V1
D.     Pope John XXIII


Name the nine choirs of Angels

2. The sacrament given to
an ailing Catholic is

A.    extreme unction
B.    the last sacrament
C.    the last rites
D.    anointing of the sick

15. What's the ideal way for a
church to raise money?

B.    progressive dinner
C.    casino night
D.    hire a financial consultant

3. I like to receive Communion

A.    in the mouth only
B.    in the mouth or hand, 
       depending on how I feel
C.    in the hand only
D.    under both species

16. What's your favourite
Friday night meal?

A.    tuna in oil
B.    fish and chips
C.    hamburger
D.    What makes a Friday night 
        meal so special?

4. To get my sins forgiven I
receive the sacrament of

A.    confession
B.    penance
C.    reconciliation

17. To what school should a
Catholic boy go?

A.    Jesuit college
B.    a Brothers' college
C.    the local CEO school
D.    any Catholic co-educational 

5. My favourite hymn is

A.    Tantum Ergo
B.    Immaculate Mary
C.    Kumbaya
D.    Jesus Christ, Superstar

18. My favourite parish women's
organisation is the

A.    Catholic Women's League
B.    Altar Society
C.    Family groups
D.    Future Priests of Australia

6. My favourite church
musical instrument is

A.    the human voice in 
        Gregorian chant
B.    organ
C.    guitar and tambourines
D.    Moog synthesiser

7. We baptise infants

A.    to cleanse them of original sin
B.    to welcome them into the 
       community of the Church
C.    to get all the relatives together 
        for a party

19. My favourite parish men's
organisation is the

A.    Knights of the Southern Cross
B.    Catholic club
C.    parish tennis club

20. At the Kiss of Peace, I

A.    Cringe
B.    bow to the person next to me
C.    shake hands
D.    kiss everybody in sight

8. I go to confession

A.    every week
B.    once a month
C.    at Easter time
D.    when I'm threatened


9. I go to confession

A.    where the confessional
       is the darkest
B.    to the visiting priest
C.    where the confessional lets 
        me face the priest
D.    where the line is shortest

21. The topic of my favourite sermon is

A.    hell and damnation
B.    sin and corruption
C.    social injustice
D.    "Highway to Heaven"

10. The perfect clothing for
a nun is

A.    a wimple and dark clothes to 
      the floor
B.    a white blouse and blue skirt
C.    anything but short shorts or 
      hot pants

22. Original sin is

A.    the curse of Adam's 
B.    inherent in human nature
C.    a great new perfume

11. I am most comfortable
receiving Communion from

A.   priests only
B.   bachelors (over 50) only, or nuns
C.   married couples only
D.   whoever has the shortest line
 (usually women under 40)

23. The servers who assist the priest are

A.   acolytes
B.   altar boys
C.   altar persons
D.   altar girls

12. What do you think of your

A.    you thought he was an altar boy
B.    your St. Joseph's missal is older
C.    he's cute
D.    he's gorgeous

24. My favourite nun is

A.    Sister Germaine of the 
        Holy Cross
B.    Sister Germaine Murphy
C.    Sister Germaine Greer
D.    Sister Sledge

13. What are the nine choirs of angels?

A.    the angels sitting at the throne
       of heaven
B.    a California baseball team
C.    a rock group

25. My favourite "media"
priest is

A.    Barry Fitzgerald
B.    Bing Crosby
C.    Robert DeNiro
D.    Richard Chamberlain

Check and follow the system below on how to Score Yourself. Then find the meaning of your score by pressing the appropriate button

Every (a) answer is worth 1 point; (b) is 2; (c) is 3; (d) is 4.

Question 10 is a trick question, since it transcends generational gaps.

If you feel young at heart, it's worth 4 points; but if you'd like to go back to the Latin liturgy, It's worth 1 point only.

1. Add up your points.

2. BONUS QUESTION: Subtract 1 point for every angelic choir you named correctly (seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, angels).

Now according to your score, click the appropriate button below and find the meaning of your measured Catholic identity.

You can check what the other scores mean if you wish. This might stimulate you to seek to move to a higher level.

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