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Some Australian writings on school retreats

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List of recent research writings on school retreats
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Tullio, R. & Rossiter, G.  2009.  Critical issues for the future of senior class retreats in Australian Catholic schools: Part 1. Major theoretical and educational issues.  Journal of Religious Education57, 4, 57-70.

Tullio, R. & Rossiter, G.  2010.  Securing the future of live-in retreats in Australian Catholic secondary schools:   Part 2. Psychological and spiritual issues related to the nature, purposes and conduct of retreats.  Journal of Religious Education. 58, 2, 65-74.

Tullio, R. & Rossiter, G.  2010.  Contextual factors affecting the conduct and the future of live-in retreats in Australian Catholic secondary schools. Journal of Catholic School Studies82, 1, 43-58.

Doctoral research study on senior school live-in retreats

Tullio, R. 2011. The senior secondary school live-in retreat: A study of the views of a sample of teachers from one metropolitan Catholic diocese about the purposes and practices of retreats. Sydney: Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Broken Bay.

Other Australian published articles on retreats 1997-2007, arranged chronologically
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Nayler, M.  2007.  The Street Retreat M Nayler, Journal of Religious Education. 55, 2, 63-64.

Tullio, R.  2006.  Senior school live-in retreats:  Teachers' understandings of the nature and function of retreats and perceptions of the skills required for their effective conduct.  Journal of Religious Education54, 2, 3-12.

Clery, B.  2004.  The ‘Encounter Retreat' as a rite of passage for adolescent males.  Journal of Religious Education 52, 2, 68-71.

Rossiter, G.  1997.  Reflections on retreats in catholic secondary schools.  Word in Life45, 1, 18-21.
Edmonds, B.  1997.  Integration of retreats.  Word in Life, 45, 1, 21-23.


List of other Australian articles and books on retreats prior to 1997 arranged alphabetically

Boonen, J.B.  1992.  A retreat program.  Catholic School Studies, 652, 20-23.

Firman, W.  1968.  A holiday Christian Living Camp.  Our Apostolate, 16, 4, 203-218.

Firman, W.  1968.  Towards a living religion: Ideas and experiments.  Our Apostolate, 16, 4, 209-217.

Harrison, M.  1989.  Retreats and seminar days in Catholic secondary schools.  Word in Life.  37, 4, 15-18.

Mulligan, T.  1994.  Marist youth team year 12 retreats – Implications of student evaluations.  Catholic School Studies,  67, 2, 54-58.

Mullins, N.  1989.  Student retreats: The place of retreats in the R.E. program.  Catholic School Studies.  62, 2, 45-46.

O'Byrne, A. J. 1982.  Retreat camps – The “Amberley” model.  Catholic School Studies, October, 47-48.

Quillinan, J.  1995.  The school retreat – a lost opportunity.  Catholic School Studies, 68, 1, 35-38.

Rossiter, G. 1975.  Aims of Christian Living Camps. Our Apostolate, 23, 1, 6-12.

Rossiter, G.  1978.  Beyond the classroom: New approaches to personal development and religious education, Melbourne: Dove Communications.

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